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Our Mission


To provide patient-centred healthcare services at reasonable prices to the local community and to be a good testimony to Christ



Our History

20年代 1920s

1924年, 祁理扶醫生夫婦由中華醫療差會差派到香港。1929年後在彌敦道216-219號 (即今天的恒豐中心)租了四個舖位, 用作診所、書室、團契及崇拜。自此, 醫療服務成為靈光堂其中一項開拓事工。

In 1924, Dr. Clift and his wife were sent to Hong Kong by the Church Missionary Society. ​In 1929, they rented four shops at 216-219 Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui (now Heng Fung Centre) as a clinic, a study room and church. Since then, medical services have become one of the pioneering ministries of Emmanuel Church.

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50年代 1950s

1958年, 靈光堂向政府申請土瓜灣盛德街二萬方呎的土地, 作為興辦小學, 醫療及托兒之用, 並於1962年落成。該區是木屋區, 有不少從中國來的難民, 當時附近的播道醫院在興建中, 他們的醫生借用靈光醫務所兩年多。

In 1958, Emmanuel Church obtained a 20,000 sq. ft. land in Shing Tak St., To Kwa Wan, for developing a primary school, medical clinic and nursery, and it was completed in 1962. The area was a slum with many refugees from China. The clinic was used by doctors at Evangel Hospital for 2 years when it was under construction.

60年代 1960s

三樓為播道醫院留產所。1968年, 深井靈光醫務所開始, 醫生每天來回深井土瓜灣應診, 有時跟宣教士潘卓靈 (Jackie Pulinger) 到九龍城寨看病, 一天多達二百個症。當時診金是三元, 打針一元, 有時甚至免費。

The third floor was used by Evangelical Hospital as a birthing facility. In 1968, Sham Tseng Emmanuel Clinic started. Doctors travlled between Sham Tseng and To Kwa Wan every day, with as many as 200 cases a day. Sometimes they even went to the Kowloon Walled City with Jackie Pulinger. At that time, the consultation fee was HKD$3, $1 for injections, and sometimes even free.

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70年代 1970s

與靈實醫院緊密合作, 讓他們的醫生借用該處為病人覆診。靈實醫院位於調景嶺, 離市區很遠, 由於他們醫治的肺癆病人出院後仍需跟進吃藥, 所以那時靈光醫務所有為康復肺癆病人而設的設施。

Working closely with Haven of Hope Hospital, Emmanuel partnered with their doctors in their follow-up consultations. Haven of Hope Hospital is located in Tiu Keng Leng, far away from the city. Since the tuberculosis patients often required follow-ups and medication after being discharged, Emmanuel Medical had various facilities for the rehabilitation of tuberculosis patients.

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80年代起 since 80s

致力發展全日牙科服務。雖然靈光早於1969年開始牙科服務, 初時提供半日服務。牙醫數目由一個增至兩個; 至1997年增至三個 。西醫維持有兩至三位, 當中有不少有為著社區服侍的心志來,寧可辭去醫管局的職務來服務土瓜灣社區。

Committed to the development of full-day dental services. Although Emmanuel started dental services as early as 1969, it was only half-day . The number of dentists increased from one to two; then to three in 1997. There are two to three medical doctors. Many of them have a serving heart for the community, even giving up their government positions to serve the To Kwa Wan community.

今日 Present Day

今天我們仍持守不變使命, 為土瓜灣社區提供經濟的醫療診所和牙醫服務, 也與靈光教會和靈光小學緊密合作, 為求服務和全人關懷延伸至家庭和心靈上的需要。

Today, we continue to uphold the same mission values to provide affordable medical care and dental services to the To Kwa Wan community. We also work closely with Emmanuel church and Emmanuel Primary School to provide services and holistic care that extend to family and spiritual needs.



Emmanuel Church

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